About Us


One of the founders of Stoneware Enterprises, Inc., has been in the mining business since 1972 exclusively for the purpose of exporting international standard polished granite. Stoneware has the honor of being the first company of its kind in India to use sophisticated imported machinery for processing granite.


Stoneware Enterprises, Inc. has achieved great heights and is today one of the leading importers of finished products of slabs, tiles and counter tops. Backed by its own quarries and more than 200 varieties of materials from around the world, the company offers many vibrant colors with many being totally exclusive to them.

Quality is of the utmost importance, which is achievable by continuous investment in state of the art machinery and technology. The company is using sophisticated imported machinery from Italy  to cut and polish granite. Being a premier supplier of quality Indian and Brazilian granite, we can offer a very wide range of products. We also import granite, marble, travertine and onyx slabs and tiles from Italy, Australia, Madagascar, Namibia, Turkey, and Pakistan.


Stoneware Enterprises, Inc. is backed by more than 200 varieties of  most Exotic colors and some of the popular materials like Taj Mahal, Azul Imperial,Blue Bahia, Blue Maucauba, Sodalite Blue, Quartzite Acqua, Quartzite Botanic Green,Quartzite Perla, Quartzite  Ceilalo, Quartzite Smeralda, quartzite White Maucauba and Golden Macauba, Fusin Gold, Fusion Wow,  White Fantacy and many more quartzite colors.

Lumarian Blue is the one of the most beautyful mateial. We have Madura Gold, Colombo Juprana Gold, Kashmir Gold, Gillo Fantasy, Golden Fantasy, River White, River  Gold, Star Galaxy, Silver Sparkle and English Teak were first found, promoted and successfully marketed by Stoneware Enterprises, Inc. We also have exclusive materials like red, green and white onyx in slabs and tiles, as well as Brazilian varieties such as Lapidus, Golden Beach, Sea Foam Green, Mascarella, Golden Silver and Spectacollo.

The materials available for export are Blue Fantasy, Paradiso Bash, Paradiso Classic, Indian Dakota, Hassan Green, Colombo Juparana, Indian Juparana, Solar Juparana, Kashmir White, Gibli, Sivakasi Yellow, Siva Gold, Imperial White, Imperial Gold, Pallava Gold, Golden Oak, Raw Silk, Viskont White, English Teak, Star Galaxy, Dynamic Blue, White Galaxy, Rosewood, Sea Weed Green, Sea Waves, Tan Brown, Coffee Brown, Troppic Brown, Colonial Cream, Colonial Gold, Golden Dream, Marine Gold, Harvest Cream, Ivory Chiffon and 5 varieties of Black materials.

Most of these materials are totally exclusive to Stoneware Enterprises, Inc., and are stored in our own 40,000 sq feet yard and showroom.