Onyx Stone at Stoneware Enterprises

Stoneware Enterprises is proud to stock one of the largest selection of onyx stone in southern California. Onyx is a great stone for bathroom countertops and we offer some of the most exclusive slabs in Orange County. We offer an exclusive selection of red, green, and white onyx slabs and tiles.

A Large Selection of Onyx Stone

All our materials are located at 1 of our 2 well-stocked slab yards located at the heart of stone city, Anaheim. We carry full slabs, prefabricated pieces, and a variety of tile sizes. We encourage anyone in the market for new countertops, flooring or a makeover of their kitchen to drop by and browse our selection. For each color, there are multiple slabs, and each slab has its own variation. Our selection brings our customers in, and our prices and superior customer service is what brings them back again and again.

Benefits of Onyx Stone

Onyx is an uncommon selection for countertops and we’re proud to offer this type of stone at our facility. It is one of the more rare types of natural stone used. The appearances of these stones are extremely colorful and due it translucency in its composition, light shined upon it will add a unique glow! We love to help our customers with this unique stone as it requires a bit more expertise with cutting and installation, but we’re so happy to do this. Please consider this stone if you’re looking to add a standout piece to your home!